Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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BNS Wax Recommendation

Categories: Wax Reports | Author: SuperUser Account | Posted: 1/30/2017 | Views: 2101
U23/Junior World Championships Classic Sprint Monday

BNS Wax Recommendation

U23/WJSC 2017 Classic Sprint
Jan 30, 2017

Event Information-

Holmenkol SkiGo Wax recommendations are available at BNS is on site with the Holmenkol, Ski*Go trailer and has Holmenkol, SkiGo, Guru, Magnar, Gallium, Rode, Rex and several other wax brands available.

Weather- from, all temperatures in Celsius
Tonight: Patchy dense fog after 11pm. Otherwise, partly cloudy, with a low around -15C. Calm wind becoming west northwest 5 to 8 km/h after midnight.
Monday: Patchy dense fog before 11am. Otherwise, mostly sunny, with a high near -2C. Calm wind.
Monday Night: Patchy dense fog after 11pm. Otherwise, partly cloudy, with a low around -14C. Calm wind becoming west 5 to 10 km/h after midnight.


Base Layer: Holmenkol Ultramix Blue 

Race Paraffin: Holmenkol Matrix Black/Blue or Holmenkol Speedbase Mid

Fluoro Powder: Holmenkol Race Powder Mid (Mid08) OR Holmenkol Syntec Cold, OR Ski*Go C111
Topcoat: SkiGo C105 Solid

Kick: SkiGo HF Blue

Test Results

Paraffin (tested 9AM-11AM 1/29)

1.   Holmenkol Matrix Black/Blue

2.   Holmenkol Speedbase Mid

3.   SkiGo HF Orange/Green mix 50:50

4.   Holmenkol Matrix Blue

5.   Holmenkol Speedbase Cold

6.   SkiGo HF Violet

Also tested:

SkiGo HF Blue, SkiGo C380/ Blue, HF Universal (HFP16), SkiGo P16/Blue

·        SkiGo LF Graphite Under Matrix Blue

·       SkiGo HF Green

TopCoats (tested Monday 8:00AM)

1.   SkiGo C105 Solid

2.   Holmenkol Speedblock Mid

3.   Holmenkol Speedblock Mid 08

Also tested: SkiGo C110 Solid, C110 fluid, C22 solid, OR Solid

Topcoats (test Monday 11:10AM)
  1. Holmenkol Speedblock Mid 
  2. Holmenkol Speedblock Mid 08
  3. SkiGo C105 Solid
  4. SkiGo C105 Liquid
  5. SkiGo C22 Solid
Also tested: SkiGo C55/99 liquid, C110 liquid, C110 solid, SkiGo OR solid

 Powders (Sunday 10AM-11AM)

1.   Holmenkol Race Powder Mid (Mid08)

2.   Holmenkol Syntec Powder Cold

2.   TIE SkiGo C111 Powder

4.   Holmenkol Syntec Powder Mid

5.   Ski*Go C110 Powder, C105, C44/7

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