Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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US Nationals 2017 Service Report

Categories: Wax Reports | Author: SuperUser Account | Posted: 1/14/2017 | Views: 2705

BNS US Nationals Service Report 2017

The service team of Roger Knight and David Chamberlain was at US Cross Country Championships this past week in Soldier Hollow, Utah providing service to teams and clubs in attendance.  This year’s championship was especially good competition with spots on the line for Junior World Championship and U23 World Championship teams.  Canada also took advantage of the home field preview making the week selection races for the Canadian Junior World and U23 teams.  As a result the field was exceptionally big this year bringing long challenging days for coaches and service teams.  

The conditions were up and down during the week with each day bringing different weather.  As teams were arriving the days before the races the temperatures were fairly moderate with new snow.  Friday before the distance skate race temperatures plummeted and race morning brought very cold temperatures lasting throughout the race.  Temperatures rose in the evening before the classic sprint and by race time on Sunday a few inches of new snow had fallen with temperatures around freezing.  For the afternoon rounds rain started to fall and most teams had adjusted by going to zero skis or klister.  Rain fell for most the of the day on Monday and after colder temperatures on Monday and fresh snow overnight, conditions were very tricky for the classic distance race on Tuesday.

Testing was difficult and often wax calls had to be made off the forecast and experience with the venue.   We were testing each day, but the testing that was most significant day to day was the testing we did hours before the race.  We tested structure, paraffins, powders, and topcoats throughout the week.  We also ran testing on stonegrinds, both our current grinds for recommendations and reference as well as some new grinds that we are playing around with. 

For the distance skate race on Saturday we recommended a cold ski with a fine cold grind.  Both our S1.3 and S0.3 ran very well throughout the day.  As a base layer we recommended Ski*Go LF Graphite for durability.  Our best paraffin wax for the day was Ski*Go HF Green mixed with Ski*Go P16.  To apply this we ironed in the HF Green and sprinkled on the P16, ironing everything together with a final pass.  Other paraffin waxes that ran well were Innovax Beta Cold, a cold powder that we have often had good luck with at Soldier Hollow, and Ski*Go HF Blue.  There were a number of fluoro powders that were running well, Ski*Go C110, Ski*Go C111, and Holmenkol Syntec Cold.  All these powders ran very close in testing, with Ski*Go C110 fastest by a slight margin.  For topcoats – Ski*Go C105 block and Holmenkol Mid08 block were our best.  We also found that an application of Ski*Go Pink Paper was useful – and the feedback from teams that were using it in the race was very positive.  Despite the forecast calling for warmer temperatures in the afternoon, the day stayed cold and our cold wax recommendation from the morning was still working well in the afternoon.  The men’s winner on the day was on a ski with our S0.3 grind.

Sunday brought warmer temperatures and with it warmer waxes.  Our recommendation for paraffin was Ski*Go HF Orange/Green premix.  Powders that tested well in the new snow in the morning were Holmenkol Race Powder Mid and Syntec Mid, Ski*Go C105.  In the afternoon rain Ski*Go C22 and Syntec Warm powder were our best options.  For topcoats Ski*Go C22 block, C44/7 block and a mix of Ski*Go C22 block and liquid were the best in testing most of the day.  Our top combination was a ski that Roger prepared with Ski*Go C22 Powder rotofleeced over a layer of Ski*Go C22 Liquid.  This was our best combination in our powder test and we heard feedback from teams using it that it ran well throughout the day.  By the end of the rounds with the rain and wet snow, we also heard that Gallium Gigaspeed Wet and SuperWet were running very well.

Our week came to an early end on Tuesday, we pulled the trailer out early to beat the storm and make the drive back to Colorado.   We did hear feedback from some coaches who were having good luck with Ski*Go C22 powder and topcoats, as well as Ski*Go CM10 block.

This was one of the trickiest championships that we have been a part of and our sincere congratulations goes out to all the coaches, competitors and teams who made it through a tough week of conditions!          

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