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March 1 Snow Mountain Stampede Wax Update

Categories: | Author: SuperUser Account | Posted: 3/1/2006 | Views: 8226

The weather forecast has changed a bit and some new snow is falling, so conditions are changing.

It looks like everyone is predicting very low chances of snow showers on Friday and Saturday, with very little accumulation if they come.  High is predicted to be about 40F on Friday around 2pm, dropping to 5F 3AM Saturday, around 15F at 9:30am and 25-30F around noon.

A lot is going to depend on what the snow looks like after this snowfall and a grooming cycle.  Most likely, we will see mostly fresh relatively humid snow crystals mixed in with old, dirty corn.  This balance between the two snow types is going to drive the final wax choice, which will probably be high-fluoros on top of a very hard layer.  Swix BD6 or 4 may be an excellent choice, but we'll see what tests well on Friday.  It will pay off to harden up the bases now with a wax like Swix CH4, LF4 or LF3.

Thursday morning is the last day to get skis in the heat box if you want them for Saturday.  See our wax service page for more info...

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