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Feb 28 Snow Mountain Stampede wax update

Categories: | Author: SuperUser Account | Posted: 2/28/2006 | Views: 9547

The weather reports have not changed much, with NOAA still calling for race temps to start around 10F and rise to 20F by noon.  NOAA is saying 20% chance of snow, but the Winter Park Ski Resort forecast sounds much more positive on the likelihood of snow today, Friday and Saturday.

Current snow conditions are completely transformed, corn snow which is freezing at night.  Unless there is a very significant snowfall, this is going to be an important factor in the waxing and ski selection.

It is probably a good idea to start preparing the skis with a hard wax like Swix CH4 or LF3 that will harden the base, providing some durability and prevent crystal penetration if we get some cold new snow.  Most likely candidates for final layers on Saturday will be Swix HF6 and either Cera F FC7 or FC8.  We'll post more updates as we learn more from testing and get a better handle on the weather forecast. 

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