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Feb 27 Wax outlook for Snow Mountain Stampede

Categories: | Author: SuperUser Account | Posted: 2/27/2006 | Views: 9268

We are getting ready for the Snow Mountain Stampede this weekend and expect to be waxing and hot-boxing a lot of skis this week as well as testing structure and wax to dial in the perfect combo for Saturday's races.  If you want to get skis waxed for the race, it is best if we can get them by Wednesday afternoon.

The latest weather reports look pretty good for this week.  Small storms may roll through Tuesday and Wednesday keeping temperatures up and depositing a few more inches of snow on top of the huge base that is already there.  Thursday is cold and clear with another storm possibly developing through Friday afternoon with a 20% chance of  snow showers on Saturday.  Temps pretty average for this time of year.  I would guess race morning lows around 2 F to 8F (-17 to -13C) with a high around 20-25F (-7 to -4C) by noon.  Here are some resources for weather:

Waxing should remain pretty straightforward with high fluoros probably ruling the day.  Fine to medium structure will most likely be best.  It will be important to harden the bases up before putting on the top layers to keep the sharp new snow crystals from penetrating the base.

We'll provide more updates later in the week and send out test results when we have them Friday afternoon.

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