Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Friday Mar 3 Snow Mtn Stampede Wax Report

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Unusual conditions, but waxing should be easy.
The low down on wax:
It's a tough call since tomorrow is going to be so different from today, but I think the call will be Swix LF6 covered with FC1.  LF3/LF4 is a smart call on a second pair.  For structure, a medium/universal grind will probably be best.  Zach Caldwell's Z40XL and ZR1 were running well today.  Make sure that bases are adequately hardened with LF4 or something similar before putting on the LF6.

Waxes were tested this morning at 10AM (Friday).  The sun was out and had been beating down for quite a while, but the snow was still very fresh and the crystals sharp.  As the day went on, it got ridiculously hot (48F) and the top layer was slushy in areas with high sun exposure, soaking wet spongy snow on less sunny areas and completely fresh in the shade.   At 1PM there was still a lot of cold, fresh snow underneath the slushy layer, so when they groom tonight, it should definitely bring up some of the cold fresh snow to mix in with the top layer of corn.

The forecasters say that temperatures will be much colder Saturday and mostly cloudy so the snow will probably be very similar or slightly colder than when I tested at 10AM.  NOAA is calling for 20F at race start rising to 30F at noon.  It will be breezy and there is a 20% chance of snow showers.

Here is the order of the waxes I tested:
1.  LF4/3
2.  LF6 covered with FC1
3.  LF6
4.  LF6 FC7

    Given the hard crystals and the likelihood of some corn making it into the mix of snow, I think it is a good idea to harden the skis up as much as possible before putting the top coats on.  1-2 layers of cold wax will help with durability and the sharp crystals that should be present for most, if not all of the race.

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